Welcome to Creations by JAE!

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Thanks for coming to my little piece of the world wide web!  My name is Jamie, and my passion, my obsession, is beading.  I started when I was 10 stringing seed beads on fishing line, making daisy chains.  There wasn't a lot available at that time, so that's all I ever knew about.  Fast forward 16 years, and WOW, there's so much more that you can do!  I've been working on jewelry for 16 years now, off and on.  Mostly off, until about 4 years ago, when a co-worker's handmade bracelet inspired me to jump back into the craft.  I love the sparkle and texture of different beads, gemstones, glass, crystal.  The way they hang on a cord.  I just love jewelry!

Now, I want to learn so much more.  I hope to get into silversmithing and more complicated beadweaving at some point in the future.  Right now though, you can see what I've made over the past few years by looking at my Jewelry Portfolio.  I have a sales site through Etsy.  Check out what I've got up for grabs at creationsbyjae.etsy.com or just click on the 'My Etsy Store' link at the top of the page.  I also do custom pieces, so you can contact me through Etsy or send me an email to creationsbyjae@gmail.com.  I just opened an ArtFire shop as well, and it has my 'Signature' collection of jewelry using fine gems and sterling silver/gold filled wire, chain, and findings.  See it at creationsbyjae.artfire.com or the 'My ArtFire Store' link above.

 In the next few weeks I hope to be adding some tutorials on different techniques and designs to help teach the next person about this wonderful craft.  Visit my blog at creationsbyjae.blogspot.com or click on the 'My Blog' link at the top of the page to see what I've been up to!  Please check back soon!

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